Privacy policy and terms of service

1. General provisions

1.1The following general terms and conditions govern the use of online and mobile games and other services provided by WALKME MOBILE SOLUTIONS, LDA. (hereinafter referred to as “WALKME”), on WALKME websites and in official mobile application stores.

1.2 WALKME continuously updates, changes and develops its online and mobile games and other services at its own discretion. Therefore, WALKME reserves the right to stop the operation of an online or mobile app or game or to remove a specific service without previous explanation or notice.

1.3 The online games, mobile games and other services offered by WALKME are exclusively for entertainment. The use of these games or services for commercial or commercial purposes is strictly prohibited.

1.4 Any attempt to cheat the system of mobile games, online or WALKME websites by any user, will be punished with appropriate measures depending on the case and the seriousness of the situation.

1.5 Users are responsible for ensuring that their own software and hardware are adequate and up to date.

2. User accounts and data

2.1 Some of WALKME’s games and applications request to register a user account so that information, points and progress can be saved and synchronized between various devices.

2.2 All requested data is only used for this purpose and WALKME does not share, sell or allow access to user data to third parties.

2.3 In some cases, the user can log in with social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and others. In these cases, information is required directly from the platforms through duly protected mechanisms.

2.4 At any time, users may request the removal of user account data from WALKME servers.

2.5 Location data: some applications collect location data to allow the option to follow the trail, even when the application is closed or not in use.

3. Content and communication by users

Users are responsible for the content they create, whenever there is the possibility of communication by users, whether through comments or other mechanisms within the mobile games, apps or WALKME websites.

4. Advertising

4.1 In many of the WALKME games there are advertisements in the form of reward videos, full screen, banners and more. By agreeing to the Terms and Conditions, the user allows personalized ads to be shown based on their interests.

4.2 The advertisements shown are the responsibility of the external entities hired for the purpose.

5. Changes to terms and conditions

WALKME reserves the right to update these terms and conditions whenever necessary.