Mega Quiz is the only game of general knowledge where you start with the top prize: 1 Million!

The goal? Simple: Answer to 8 questions of multiple-choice, bet the prize in one or more answers and reach the end with as much money as possible!


• When the match starts you have available 1 million divided into 20 packs of 50 000 to bet throughout the 8 questions of the game
• Select your favorite category between the two options for each question
• Answer the question by betting the full amount in one or more answers. There is only one rule: you must leave at least one answer empty


• You have to bet all your money or you will lose it
• You have to be quick and decide the correct answer. You have only 60 seconds to bet.
• You’ll only keep the money you bet on the correct answer
• If you lose all the money, the game ends.

Will you be able to reach the end with a million? 🙂


Mega Quiz shows you a set of statistics so you can track your performance in the game and try to always improve your best!
Log in with Facebook and track your performance through:
* Ranking “World”: all the players from around the world
* Ranking “Week”: who has been at his best this week
* Podium: top three players of each week.


Answer the questions, play, have fun and unlock all achievements! We promise that you will be surprised by many of them … but you’ll like it so much you’ll want to share with your friends!


girl avatar

Its so cool! I love it… it’s also hard and challenging!

Julia Augustin
nerd avatar

OMG I really love this game!

It’s sooooooooooo cool and you will never get bored you must download this game!!! 😀

Mansoor Sonday

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