The new avatars in Quizit

all avatars in quizit

Avatars make the game a lot more funnier!

It identifies the player through the game and to other players. When you’re on multiplayer battles and you can’t see your enemy’s face it’s frustrating, with an avatar it’s easier to keep you focused on winning and beating the other player.

We had some avatars on the older version of Quizit, but they were a bit flat and plain.

quizit old avatars

That’s why we decided to create new avatars for the new version of Quizit.

The new ones should be cheerful and alive… So we started sketching, and “round” sounded like a good shape to keep 😛

quizit new avatars sketch

After deciding which path to take, our designer started exploring colors and facial expressions, and brought some animals to the family.

A funny fact, this is our designer Filipe, he’s bald and bearded, difficult to miss.
If you find him on the street, pat him on the back for the good work 🙂

filipe avatar

After seeing this the rest of the team wanted their own avatar, but it’s not that easy to illustrate someone else’s face. But nevertheless he tried, and this one below is Pedro.

alien avatar

With all the avatars created, we discussed and came to the conclusion to also gamify the avatars. They were all too awesome to give it away like that, so if you want them all you have to play your way to get them. You begin with 3 avatars and you have 26 more to unlock, so you better start playing and answering correctly to all the questions.

all avatars of Quizit

So which one is your favourite? Ours is the Viking… almighty with is big horns and red beard 😀

quizit avatar viking

Maybe in the future more avatars will appear.
As always, any idea, feedback or suggestion is very welcome! Send us an email to and let us know what you think ?
Want to try the game? It’s Free and available for Android and iOS.

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