Quiz games?! Questions, questions and more questions!

Those who love playing quiz games love to always have new questions, no matter what platform they’re using: smartphones, board games, TV shows, whatever. Content is the king!

In our case we have 3 quiz games (for now): Millionaire, Quizit and Mega Quiz and all of them have thousand and thousand of questions and the number is growing everyday!

Millionaire Quiz - Available of Android (Super Quiz) and iOS

“We already have thousands and thousands of questions and the number is growing everyday”

Quizit - A free quiz available for Android and iOS


Exactly! Everyday we add new questions to the database of the games, in several languages. At this moment, the games are available in English, French, Deutsch, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Greek, Russian, Dutch and Romanian.

That means that beside adding general knowledge questions, we also have to adapt the questions to the reality of the country we’re adding, famous people, local places and traditions and much more so every player can really enjoy the game and feel it contextualized and meaningful.


Management of questions by WalkMe Team
Tool for managing questions made by WalkMe Team


Adding questions is not enough, we have to revise and correct them. Because of the high number of questions it’s completely normal that there are some mistakes or errors (misspelling, semantic, dates and so on).

In our general revision, every erroneous question we find, we correct it. Also, there are a lot of players that report the questions and this is very helpful because we can find and correct them quicker.

After adding and correcting the questions, we make a general update of the database and then you get that popup asking you “Do you want to download the new questions?”. We highly recommend you to accept the download, so you can always have the latest content in your game 😉



We use several ways of getting new questions for the game:

  1. We find questions in books, magazines, news, movies and other sources of knowledge and trends. We create and adapt them with categories, difficulty levels and options for the multiple choices and then we add them into the game.
  2. We make outsourcing for getting questions adapted to each country and written in the correct language. Then we structure them and add them to the game.
  3. We accept suggestions from our players and, after validation, we structure them and add them into the game.
  4. We take advantage of any actual fact or historic change (world records, best actors, etc) to create new and actual questions, following the same process as before.


This is not everything about mananing the questions but now you certainly have an idea how do we work, for adding questions so you can always play a better and wider game! 😀
Any idea, suggestions or questions to report leave your comment or send us an email to info@mobilesolutions.pt

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