Wozzle – The word search game for everyone, everywhere!

It doesn’t matter if you’re a child, adult or older: everyone should try word search at least once in their lives!

lots of wood cubes with black letters

Word search games are classic: from paper to… (exactly!) your smartphone or tablet! With Wozzle you can train your brain, your eyes and even your fingers anytime, everywhere. It can take you only 5 minutes or an hour, you’ll have a lot of fun and entertaining time while improve your vocabulary and lexicon! 😀

playing wozzle and drinking coffee

This amazing word search game is available for iOS and Android and is full of puzzles with several categories and themes such as food, animals, countries, brands, people, lifestyle, kids, christmas and much more to fit your mood whatever you’re feeling!

The game is available in several languages such as English, French, Deutsch, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese so you can play on yours or…what about learning a new language?! The first step is knowing the words and Wozzle is just perfect! 😀

Choose your category. Screen of the categories list. Brands, Countries, Food, etc...
A world of words. Game screen with some words highlighted
Complete all wozzles. iPhone with screen of wozzles (categories) to complete.
Conquer all challenges. Screen of the challenges to complete.

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