After a huge brainstorming and a lot of hard work, here is it: the new Millionaire Quiz boosted! If you already play, you’ll get amazed with the new features… if not, you should play! If you enjoy quiz games, this one is just perfect for you! 😀

New game modes such as categories and multiplayer, new achievements, avatars, profile, friends… this is just a bit of what we did for you! Curious? Keep reading

Super Quiz for Android and Millionaire for iOS


We started with a brainstorming gathering all the ideas that our players from the whole world gave us on their feedbacks, playing around and making some puzzle to put it together until we set a bulk of features for the new version.

Then, it was time for designing, changing, developing, testing and start all over again until the first renewed version is launched. Then is time to correct and keep working and your feedback is welcome!

PLAYER’S PROFILE: Know more, get more!

It’s nice to know more about our performance in the game, how many questions? Which are your best category? How many challenges and what achievements you got?

What's new on Super Quiz and Millionaire games - User profile

All this information and much more is now available for you on your profile. And, of course, you can also check other user’s profile to increase your competitors’ spirit 😉

What's new on Super Quiz and Millionaire games - Achievements


Following the line of Quizit, we also added avatars on Millionaire. So, now you can change your picture to your favorite avatar! As more you play, as many avatars you get… which one is your favourite? 😉

What's new on Super Quiz and Millionaire games - Avatars


Finally, finally, finally!! Multiplayer mode has arrived to Millionaire Quiz! Now you can challenge all your friends as well as other players and fight for a victory… always! Are you afraid? Try it!

What's new on Super Quiz and Millionaire games - MULTIPLAYER

CATEGORIES: Geography, Sports, Science and more!

Another most wanted feature suggested by the players was selecting a category, so they can play only with questions of that category! Choose your favourite category from Geography, Entertainment, History, Art and Literature, Science and Nature or Sport and Leisure and have fun!

What's new on Super Quiz and Millionaire games - CATEGORIES: Geography, History, Entertainment, Art and Literature, Science & Nature, Sport & Leisure

QUESTION FACTORY: Let’s improve the game together!

More and better questions, that’s what all the players want for this game! Repeatedly. So we created the question factory where you can suggest your own questions to be added on the game as well as help to rate and validate other questions suggested by other players.

What's new on Super Quiz and Millionaire games - Question Factory

All together, we’ll be able to add more questions to the game, making it more and more dynamic every day!


NEW REPORT SYSTEM: To use when a question is not right

Reporting a question is not really new on the game. However, we made a lot of improvements to make it easier for you to report a question and for us to correct it on the database of the game.

Now you can review all the questions you answered in the game and just select the reason for reporting and even give us a suggestion for correction 🙂

Having this, make it easier to improve the quality of the game…and once again: together! 😀

FRIENDS: Because is always better with friends!

Do you remember you can now challenge your friends on the game by playing multiplayer? We have one more surprise for you: you can now add any player on the game as friend so you can always stay connected! 😀 Sometimes playing alone is great but… try with friends, accept the challenge and have fun together!

What's new on Super Quiz and Millionaire games - Add friends

PODIUM: Fighting for a place on the week’s podium

This one is for those who love winning, challenges and competitions! Every week is a new chance to be one of the best on Millionaire! There are three places to be filled every week and one can be yours!

Millionaire games - Podium


Playing Millionaire on an iPad has a new mega advantage: now you can rotate the iPad and play in landscape! This is perfect when you’re relaxing on your living room, when you’re with your friends or family or just for fun! Try it and enjoy 😉

What's new on Super Quiz and Millionaire games - LANDSCAPE


Your feedback about the new features and suggestions to improve the game are golden to us!

We want to know what do you think about the new features of the game, so don’t hesitate to share it with us here or via e-mail to


Enjoy the new Millionaire for Android (Super Quiz) and iOS

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