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If you enjoy Trivia Games, you’ll enjoy this post! If you already play Quizit, you’ll love to know the new features and if you don’t play (yet) you’ll be wishing to explore this amazing game!

One of our most popular games of Trivia is Quizit which is the perfect trivia game to play every time, everywhere. With thousands of questions of several categories from geography to sports, it allows you to challenge your friends or any other player in the world!

Today, we present you the latest features added to the game that will improve the gameplay and boost your experience as a player!

Are you ready?

USER PROFILE: statistics, performance and achievements

Quizit. What's new: Profile.

That’s it! Now you can view cool information about your performance in the game such as statistics of how many games you played, best game, best questions, total of questions answered and much, much more!

Also we’ll show you your performance by category, telling you how many questions you answered of each category and how many of them you got right.

Pretty cool huh? Now you can easily know what are your true strengths and weaknesses! 🙂


Quizit. What's new: Achievements.

Nothing is more motivating as winning things! And now you can also win achievements while playing Quizit! As more you play, as many achievements you’ll win! That’s great and you have a lot of achievements to get such as: number of questions answered, challenges played, points won…You can even be a PREMIUM player! 🙂

AVATAR: Your picture, your name or a funny avatar!

Quizit. What's new: Avatars.

There are around 30 avatars in the game (for now!) and you can use the one you like most! But, wait a second! It’s not so easy. The avatars are being unlocked as you play Quizit, which means that as more you play, as many avatars you’ll have available to choose!


Quizit. What's new: Summary.

Whenever you finish a game, you’ll see a summary with your performance in this game containing the number of correct and incorrect answers as well as your best question.

Also, you’ll be able to review each question to check your answer and confirm if is right or wrong as well as report it for correction.


Quizit. What's new: Report.

Quizit has thousand of questions and the number is growing everyday, since we regularly add new questions of several categories and difficulty levels to improve the game everyday.

As you can imagine, there is the possibility of some of them to be slightly wrong and

obviously, we don’t want wrong questions in the game. So in this new version, you can report each question and tell us why, so we can be quicker and make the correction faster.

BONUS: Landscape mode (iPad)

Quizit. What's new: Landscape mode.

Finally, the last big feature to highlight today is the landscape mode available for iPad. You’ll know how cool will be to play on landscape as soon as you try it. Don’t have an iPad? Try on your friend’s iPad and play all together 😀

Ready to play? What are you waiting for? 😀

Enjoy the game and send us your feedback and suggestions to info@mobilesolutions.pt or by rating the game on the App Store or Play Store.

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Is there a paid for version of this Quizit game? I like it but the latest version has too many adverts.

Thank you

Graham Curran

Hello Graham,

Thank you so much for your contact and feedback about the game 🙂
There is no a paid version but you can get RELAX mode that will let you play without any time limit for each question and will also remove all the ads that appear at the end of each game 😉

Hope you keep enjoying the game and feel free for contacting us for any suggestion or idea to improve the game!

Have a great day!


Lígia Gonçalves
WalkMe Team

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